PR2 SMI – Praia / Lagoa do Fogo


26th July 2015, 10:00, my co-worker and I were in Praia, ready for another hike.

An informative panel and a signboard indicated the beginning of the trail and the direction we should follow.
We walked uphill for the first 2 km. As we got higher, the views became more extensive and gorgeous. The Islet of Vila Franca do Campo was at our sight.

About one hour later, we arrived to an irrigation channel (known as Levada), on which the trail proceeds. I enjoyed a lot this part of the trail. In part because it was a hot day and we were walking under the shadow of the trees. We just had to pay attention to the muddy areas.

Then we passed by a dam and we crossed an open area where there are several water collection points.

It took us about 2 hours to arrive to the beautiful Lagoa de Fogo. We had lunch on the margin of the lake while enjoying the scenery.

There are two options to return to the initial point. To go back by the same trail or to follow the trail that goes parallel to the lake.
As we had to catch the airplane to Terceira island and we still wanted to visit Furnas, we went back by the same trail.

Ninety minutes later we were leaving our improvised hiking sticks next to the informative panel and we were going back to the car.

Characteristics of the route
Arrival and departure: Praia, Vila Franca do Campo
Type: linear (circular – optional)
Extension: 11 km
Duration: 3 – 4 hours
Level of difficulty: easy


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