Business trip to Azores – São Miguel and Terceira

Hermitage of Mãe de Deus (Ponta Delgada)

On 22nd July 2015 I went with a co-worker on a business trip to São Miguel, the largest island in the Portuguese archipelago of the Azores. On Sunday 26th we travelled to Terceira Island and we returned to Lisbon on 28th July.

We took advantage of the free time to visit the islands, to do some hiking and, of course, to taste their delicious food! From the fresh fish and the juicy and tender beef to the sweet breads “massa sovada” and “bolo lêvedo“, everything is delicious!

On the first two days we only had time to wander about Ponta Delgada, at night.
We had dinner at Cais 20 restaurant. We order grilled bluemouth rockfish with stewed vegetables (Boca-negra com legumes estufados). This was the best meal I had in Azores. The fish was fresh and delicious, but the surprise were the vegetables. There was a mixture of corn cobs, sweet potatoes and something else that I don’t recall. And there was another mixture of vegetables composed of mushrooms, tomatoes, pepper and I don’t know what else, all cooked in aluminium foil. It was really tasty!

On Friday 24th we visited Gorreana Tea Factory and we hiked the trail that begins at the factory’s parking lot – PRC 28 SMI Chá Gorreana. Operating since 1883, Gorreana is the oldest and, currently, the only tea plantation in Europe. The factory is a living museum where we admired the original machinery that dates back to the 1840’s and, at the end, we enjoyed a cup of tea.

Biscoitos Natural swimming pools

We had dinner at Tuká Tulá Bar, a very pleasant beachside outdoor place to eat good food or just to have a drink and to relax while listening to the sound of the sea.

Saturday was our free day! We went on a hike around the “Lagoon of the Seven Cities” (Lagoa das Sete Cidades), which is a twin lake located in the crater of a dormant volcano.

It was at Adega Regional Restaurant that we ate the most famous meat dish of São Miguel Island, the “Azorean beef steak” (Bife à Regional).

On Sunday 26th, before we took our flight to Terceira Island, we had time to do a hike that lead us to “Lake of Fire” (Lagoa de Fogo), another crater lake. And we visited the village of Furnas, where we ate corn cobs cooked in hot springs. Very tasty!

We arrived in Terceira Island at night and went to Canadinha Restaurant, in Angra de Heroísmo, to have dinner. We tasted the famous “Portuguese rump roast” (Alcatra da Ilha Terceira).

On Monday, after work, we did a hike in Monte Brasil and, at night, we visited the historic center of Angra de Heroísmo.

On the next day we left Azores, but not before we were taken on a quick car tour across half the island.
We visited Biscoitos Natural swimming pools and Biscoitos Wine Museum. This is an interesting museum that belongs to a wine producing family where I learned about the history of wine in the region and the importance of Verdelho caste.

PRC 28 SMI – Chá Gorreana (24th July 2015)
Departure / Arrival: Gorreana Tea Factory
Distance: 6 Km
Duration: 2 hours
Brochure: HERE
Lagoa das Sete Cidades (PR3 + PR4) and PR5 (Serra Devassa) (25th July 2015)
PR 3 SMI – Vista do Rei / Sete Cidades
Departure / Arrival: Miradouro de Vista do Rei / Sete Cidades
Distance: 7 Km
Duration: 2 hours
Brochure: HERE PR 4 SMI – Mata do Canário / Sete Cidades
Departure / Arrival: Mata do Canário / Sete Cidades
Distance: 11 Km
Duration: 3 hours
Brochure: HERE PR 5 SMI – Serra Devassa
Departure / Arrival: Junto à Lagoa do Canário
Distance: 4 Km
Duration: 1.5 hours
Brochure: HERE
PR2 SMI – Praia / Lagoa do Fogo (26th July 2015)
Departure / Arrival: Praia, Vila Franca do Campo
Distance: 11 Km
Duration: 3-4 hours
Brochure: HERE
PR4 TER – Monte Brasil (27th July 2015)
Departure / Arrival: Junto ao Parque do Relvão, Angra do Heroísmo
Distance: 8 Km
Duration: 2.5 hours

São Miguel Island

Terceira Island

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