Trip to Norway (day 6) – Hike to Preikestolen

DAY 1: Journey to Brussels (20th May 2015)
Flight Oporto to Brussels Zaventem (Ryanair): 24.50€

Les Super Filles du Tram (Brussels)

DAY 2: Arrival in Oslo (21st May 2015)
Flight Brussels Charleroi to Oslo Rygge (Ryanair): 8.15€
Oslo Rygge Airport to Oslo (bus – Ekspressen): 150 NOK (18.20€)
Oslo train station – Bygdøy – Oslo train station (bus): 60 NOK (7.30€)

Viking Ship Museum: 80 NOK (9.70€)
Norwegian Museum of Cultural History: 90 NOK (10.90€)

Oslo Hotel Apartments – 999 NOK/4 pax (30€/pax)

DAY 3: Oslo to Rjukan (22nd May 2015)
Car Rental (Hertz): 437.62€ (4 days, delivery in a different location)

Gaustatoppen Hostel – 1340 NOK/4 pax (40.5€/pax)

DAY 4: Rjukan to Bergen (23rd May 2015)
Transports (ferry):
Jondal – Torvikbygd: 192 NOK (23.3€/car + 3 adults)

Thon Hotel Bergen Brygge – 1495 NOK/4 pax (45.25€/pax) breakfast included

Bergen Briggen Tracteursted – 747 NOK/4 pax (22.7€/pax)
Anne Madam (fish soup) – 304 NOK/4 pax (9.2€/pax)

DAY 5: Bergen to Sandnes (24th May 2015)
Transports (ferries):
Arsvagen – Mortavika: 247 NOK (30€/car + 3 adults)
Halhjem – Sandvikvag: 396 NOK (48€/car + 3 adults)

Hotel Sverre (Sandnes) – 1030 NOK/4 pax (31.2€/pax) breakfast included

Gillian Grill Sandnes (fish soup + fish and fries) – 566 NOK/4 pax (12€/pax)

DAY 6: Hike to Preikestolen (25th May 2015)
Transports (ferries):
Lauvvik – Oanes: 157 NOK (19€/car + 3 adults)
Tau – Stavanger: 295 NOK (35.8€/car + 3 adults)

Transport and Accommodation:
Train Stavanger to Oslo – 1398 NOK/compartment 2 pax (164€/pax)

Far East Take Away (Stavanger) – 495 NOK/4 pax (15€/pax)

DAY 7: Oslo – Beauvais – Home (26th May 2015)
Oslo Bus Terminal to Oslo Rygge Airport (bus – Ekspressen): 150 NOK (18.20€)
Flight Oslo Rygge to Paris Beauvais (Ryanair): 16.92€
Flight Paris Beauvais to Oporto (Ryanair): 22.84€

itto sushi (Beauvais) – 15€/pax

We spent our last full day in Norway hiking.
It was 25th May 2015 and it was holiday, so there were no supermarkets open. Once again, we had to grab a few sandwiches from the hotel’s breakfast for our lunch. Which, by the way, was a wonderful breakfast!

IMG_2246We left Hotel Sverre at about 9:45 and we drove to Lauvvik, where we caught the ferry to Oanes. This was a short trip of about 10 minutes. Check out this website for the ferry timetable.

By 11 o’clock we began our hike to Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock). Preikestolen is a flat mountain plateau resembling a pulpit that stands 604 metres above the scenic Lysefyord. This formation of rock receives over 200.000 visitors per year.

It was drizzling, just like the day before. However, despite the bad weather, there were hundreds of people hiking to Preikestolen! This definitely made the hike less enjoyable. We constantly had to stop waiting for those ahead of us who were walking very slowly. And then, from time to time, there was someone racing to the top who was bumping into us from behind.

IMG_2256The trail, of about 4 Km, is very well-marked, we just have to follow the red “T” marks. At every 500 meters, there’s an information panel that shows at which stage of the trail we are.
The first 350 meters are very steep and it involves climbing a flight of steps over very uneven terrain. But then, the first reward – the great view over the parking lot and the lake at the starting point.
A few meters ahead, the terrain got rougher and we had to scramble up boulders. We had to be careful not to slip on the wet rocks.

IMG_2270Two hours later, we were at Preikestolen! But, but… where was that fantastic view we knew from the pictures? Bad luck. There was a dense fog that stopped us from enjoying the view… Moreover, it started raining when we arrived to the top. Really bad luck! We joined all together under our umbrella and we ate our sandwiches.

Just before we started the trek back downhill, the fog slightly scattered and we had a glimpse of the fjord.

When we were halfway down the hill, the clouds dispersed a bit and the sun peeked out, shinning on us. We wondered if the same had happened at the top…

In less than 2 hours, we were back to the starting point.
We left the parking lot and drove to Tau, where we took the ferry to Stavanger. Check out this website for the ferry timetable.

My beautiful pictureThis was the less enjoyable trip by ferry. The 2 or 3 buses with Spanish tourists who were also hiking in Preikestolen, as well as a lot of cars were on the same ferry as us. Thus, the ferry was a bit crowded.
Another difference compared with the previous ferry trips is that the tickets were purchased directly on the ferry.

It took about 40 minutes to arrive to Stavanger. Once we arrived there, we parked the car and walked around looking for a restaurant.
Since it was holiday, it was not easy, but after walking around and around, we found a place to have dinner! It was a take-away restaurant of Asian food – the Far East Take Away.



It was time to deliver the car. We refuelled it and then parked the car in front of the Hertz office. We thought that there would be someone expecting us, but there was nobody. Fortunately, there was someone else who was delivering the car, too. He indicated us where to park the car and where to leave the car keys.

We walked to the train station, which was nearby, and waited for the train that would take us back to Oslo. To be more comfortable and to have a good night of sleep, we had booked two compartments. Each compartment had 2 berths and a washbasin. A bottle of water and soap were provided for each person.

We had bought the tickets online and, as we did it in advance we got the “minipris” (lowest price) fares. Minipris tickets are tickets from NOK 249 on all NSB Regiontog (inter-city) departures. These tickets are available for a limited number of seats which is determined by the interaction of demand and availability. Minipris tickets must be purchased at least one day before the date of travel and they cannot be exchanged or refunded.

The train departed at 22:37 and we arrived in Oslo at 7:25, almost 10h later!


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