Trip to Norway (day 5) – Bergen to Sandnes

DAY 1: Journey to Brussels (20th May 2015)
Flight Oporto to Brussels Zaventem (Ryanair): 24.50€

Les Super Filles du Tram (Brussels)

DAY 2: Arrival in Oslo (21st May 2015)
Flight Brussels Charleroi to Oslo Rygge (Ryanair): 8.15€
Oslo Rygge Airport to Oslo (bus – Ekspressen): 150 NOK (18.20€)
Oslo train station – Bygdøy – Oslo train station (bus): 60 NOK (7.30€)

Viking Ship Museum: 80 NOK (9.70€)
Norwegian Museum of Cultural History: 90 NOK (10.90€)

Oslo Hotel Apartments – 999 NOK/4 pax (30€/pax)

DAY 3: Oslo to Rjukan (22nd May 2015)
Car Rental (Hertz): 437.62€ (4 days, delivery in a different location)

Gaustatoppen Hostel – 1340 NOK/4 pax (40.5€/pax)

DAY 4: Rjukan to Bergen (23rd May 2015)
Transports (ferry):
Jondal – Torvikbygd: 192 NOK (23.3€/car + 3 adults)

Thon Hotel Bergen Brygge – 1495 NOK/4 pax (45.25€/pax) breakfast included

Bergen Briggen Tracteursted – 747 NOK/4 pax (22.7€/pax)
Anne Madam (fish soup) – 304 NOK/4 pax (9.2€/pax)

DAY 5: Bergen to Sandnes (24th May 2015)
Transports (ferries):
Arsvagen – Mortavika: 247 NOK (30€/car + 3 adults)
Halhjem – Sandvikvag: 396 NOK (48€/car + 3 adults)

Hotel Sverre (Sandnes) – 1030 NOK/4 pax (31.2€/pax) breakfast included

Gillian Grill Sandnes (fish soup + fish and fries) – 566 NOK/4 pax (12€/pax)

DAY 6: Hike to Preikestolen (25th May 2015)
Transports (ferries):
Lauvvik – Oanes: 157 NOK (19€/car + 3 adults)
Tau – Stavanger: 295 NOK (35.8€/car + 3 adults)

Transport and Accommodation:
Train Stavanger to Oslo – 1398 NOK/compartment 2 pax (164€/pax)

Far East Take Away (Stavanger) – 495 NOK/4 pax (15€/pax)

DAY 7: Oslo – Beauvais – Home (26th May 2015)
Oslo Bus Terminal to Oslo Rygge Airport (bus – Ekspressen): 150 NOK (18.20€)
Flight Oslo Rygge to Paris Beauvais (Ryanair): 16.92€
Flight Paris Beauvais to Oporto (Ryanair): 22.84€

itto sushi (Beauvais) – 15€/pax

We had spent the night at Thon Hotel Bergen Brygge. The morning of 24 May 2015 wasn’t exactly how we had hoped for. It was raining, the sky was grey and the visibility as low.

Before leaving the hotel, we went to the breakfast restaurant and we felt delighted with the breakfast buffet. There was everything we could imagine and not imagine for breakfast! There were several kinds of bread, cookies, yoghurts, jams…, we could make our own waffles and there were even rice dishes! I think I spent more time choosing what to eat than eating itself.
This breakfast was our salvation. We were running out of provisions and, as it was Sunday, there were no supermarkets open. So, we took a few sandwiches with us to eat during the day.

Olav’s Church

Olav’s Church

We left Bergen. We were now traveling along Norway’s West coast. We took the European Route E39 and we drove from Bergen to Sandnes.
In Halhjem we had to take the ferry to Sandvikvåg. The journey took about 40 min. Unfortunately, the weather didn’t allow us to completely enjoy the scenic views.

We did a detour to go to Avaldsnes, which was an ancient centre of power. For more than 3000 years, Avaldsnes was inhabited by chieftains and kings, such as Harald Fairhair, the first king of Norway, who controlled the shipping that was forced to sail through the narrow Karmsundet along “Nordvegen“, the fairway to the North that gave Norway its name – the way north.

Today, we find Olav’s Church in Avaldsnes, as well as the Nordvegen History Center and a reconstruction of a Viking Farm.

IMG_1968It was about 13:00 when we parked the car next to the Church and went to the Nordvegen History Centre (Norwegian: Nordvegen historiesenter). In order to preserve the integrity of the church, the Centre is located underground. From the church we can only see its round entrance which symbolizes Mímir’s Well, the source of knowledge and wisdom in Norse mythology.

The Centre was opened in 2005 and it is a place where you will be taken on a journey through the 3000 years of history in Avaldsnes and where you’ll learn about the sovereigns that controlled the coast of Norway from there.
We didn’t take that journey. We just visited the gift shop and saw the information displayed on the entrance hall.



It was lunch time and we were feeling hungry. The rain didn’t want to stop, so we went back to the car in order to eat our sandwiches in there.

Luckily, it stopped raining right after we had finished our lunch. We left the car and walked towards the island of Bukkøy. It was a very pleasant walk. The landscape is very beautiful, there were several sheeps and lambs grazing in the field, it is a quiet place… We stopped several times to take pictures and also to look for a geocache.

Two small bridges allowed us to reach the small island where the Viking Farmstead (Vikinggard) is located. This replica of a Viking Farm is made up of reconstructed buildings that were common in the Viking age. Most of the buildings have been found during archaeological excavations in Rogaland County.
They are often portrayed as pirates and barbarians, but the Vikings were above all fishermen, farmers, craftsmen and merchants. At the Viking Farmstead, which is open for visits during summer, is possible to see and experience how the Vikings lived. A Viking Festival is held in there every June.

IMG_1947We followed the path through the trees until we reached the boat-house, which is a reconstruction of a leidang boat-house found in 1991 at Rennesøy. Several buildings, such as a longhouse, a round-house and pit houses, are circled by a wooden fence and the gate was closed.
At that time the sun was shining brightly!

On the way back we followed the cultural path, which lead us around Olav’s Church and its cemetery.
Olav’s Church, built in 1250, is one of the biggest Norwegian stone churches from the Middle Ages and it was one of only four churches to be a Royal Collegiate Church in Norway. After it had been dedicated to St. Olav the Holy, this church became an important station of the Pilgrim’s Route to Nidaros, in Trondheim.

It was almost 18:00 when we went back to the road. Arsvågen was our next stop. We caught there the ferry to Mortavika. The journey took about 25 minutes, which was more than enough time to have a hot chocolate.

Sandnes Church

Sandnes Church

We arrived in Sandnes at about 20:00. We looked for Sandnes Vandrerhjem, the hotel where we were going to stay. However, there was no Sandnes Vandrerhjem at Storgata 45. Instead, there was the Hotel Sverre. A bit confused, we went inside and yes, it was that hotel.

The hotel’s room was too hot! As the temperature regulator was broken, another room was offered to us. But that room was not the type of room we were paying for. It was a small room, with bunk beds, no fridge… We moved again, that time to a similar room to the first one.

When we arrived at the restaurant, at about 21:00, the kitchen was already closed. On a normal Sunday it would be closed at 22:00, but as the next day was holiday, the restaurants were closing one hour earlier.

Gillian Grill &Lunsj was our salvation! It was in this take away restaurant that we found a Maltese lady who promised us the best fish soup we would find in Norway. I don’t know if her soup is the best one or not, but it was without doubt the best fish soup we ate during our trip.
We had a great time in there. We enjoyed our dinner, we danced with MG and the lady who served us was very nice. We talked a lot, she put nice music for us and she gave MG a balloon.

We went back to the hotel, had a cup of tea and went to bed. I tried for the first time ginger tea. I liked it, but it’s a bit spicy to me.


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