Trip to Norway (day 1) – stop in Brussels

DAY 1: Journey to Brussels (20th May 2015)
Flight Oporto to Brussels Zaventem (Ryanair): 24.50€

Les Super Filles du Tram (Brussels)

DAY 2: Arrival in Oslo (21st May 2015)
Flight Brussels Charleroi to Oslo Rygge (Ryanair): 8.15€
Oslo Rygge Airport to Oslo (bus – Ekspressen): 150 NOK (18.20€)
Oslo train station – Bygdøy – Oslo train station (bus): 60 NOK (7.30€)

Viking Ship Museum: 80 NOK (9.70€)
Norwegian Museum of Cultural History: 90 NOK (10.90€)

Oslo Hotel Apartments – 999 NOK/4 pax (30€/pax)

DAY 3: Oslo to Rjukan (22nd May 2015)
Car Rental (Hertz): 437.62€ (4 days, delivery in a different location)

Gaustatoppen Hostel – 1340 NOK/4 pax (40.5€/pax)

DAY 4: Rjukan to Bergen (23rd May 2015)
Transports (ferry):
Jondal – Torvikbygd: 192 NOK (23.3€/car + 3 adults)

Thon Hotel Bergen Brygge – 1495 NOK/4 pax (45.25€/pax) breakfast included

Bergen Briggen Tracteursted – 747 NOK/4 pax (22.7€/pax)
Anne Madam (fish soup) – 304 NOK/4 pax (9.2€/pax)

DAY 5: Bergen to Sandnes (24th May 2015)
Transports (ferries):
Arsvagen – Mortavika: 247 NOK (30€/car + 3 adults)
Halhjem – Sandvikvag: 396 NOK (48€/car + 3 adults)

Hotel Sverre (Sandnes) – 1030 NOK/4 pax (31.2€/pax) breakfast included

Gillian Grill Sandnes (fish soup + fish and fries) – 566 NOK/4 pax (12€/pax)

DAY 6: Hike to Preikestolen (25th May 2015)
Transports (ferries):
Lauvvik – Oanes: 157 NOK (19€/car + 3 adults)
Tau – Stavanger: 295 NOK (35.8€/car + 3 adults)

Transport and Accommodation:
Train Stavanger to Oslo – 1398 NOK/compartment 2 pax (164€/pax)

Far East Take Away (Stavanger) – 495 NOK/4 pax (15€/pax)

DAY 7: Oslo – Beauvais – Home (26th May 2015)
Oslo Bus Terminal to Oslo Rygge Airport (bus – Ekspressen): 150 NOK (18.20€)
Flight Oslo Rygge to Paris Beauvais (Ryanair): 16.92€
Flight Paris Beauvais to Oporto (Ryanair): 22.84€

itto sushi (Beauvais) – 15€/pax

After sleeping 3 hours, we left home to catch the train to Porto and then the metro to Sá Carneiro airport (Oporto, Portugal). It was about 8:30 when we arrived at the airport.
At 9:30, after some time waiting in the line, the gate was finally opened and we went into the airplane.

We landed at Brussels Zaventem airport at the estimated time (13:25, local time).
BG, JB’s cousin was going to get us at the airport. When we arrived at the spot he had asked us to meet him, we were surprised by RR, another JB’s cousin, who was traveling to Portugal and decided to stay in Brussels for that day just to meet us. It was a great surprise!

After we left our luggage in BG’s home, we walked to a kebab restaurant to have lunch and then we went to the supermarket to buy some food.

We spent the afternoon in BG’s house, finishing the trip plan, watching a movie, working, relaxing and playing with MG (BG’s daughter), who joined us later.

We had dinner at a restaurant known by its tasty burgers – Les Super Filles du Tram. As I am not fond of burgers, I decided to choose a salmon salad with avocado, grapefruit and arugula. But I must admit, I tried a small piece of burger and it was not bad.

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