Weekend at Açor mountain: Arganil

DAY 1: PR2.1 – Piódão a Foz d’Égua (1st May 2015)
Accommodation: Alojamento Local de Pardieiros – 65€/room/4 pax (16.25€/pax)
Restaurant (dinner): Alojamento Local de Pardieiros – 7.50€/pax
DAY 2: PR1 AGN – Caminho do Xisto da Benfeita (2nd May 2015)
Accommodation: Quinta da Valeira – 42€/house (10.50€/pax)
DAY 3: Arganil (3rd May 2015)
Restaurant (lunch): O cantinho do Bitoque (Vila Nova de Poiares) – 7.50€

The 3rd and last day of our hiking weekend was not dedicated to hiking, it was a more relaxing day.
At about 9:30, we left Quinta da Valeira, the house where we had spent the night, and we drove to the municipality of Arganil.
The rain was back! Probably because of that and because it was Sunday morning, there was almost nobody on the streets of Arganil.

During the 2 hours that we spent in Arganil we looked for a few geocaches and we visited the “Igreja da Misericórdia” (Misericórdia Church).
Misericórdia Church dates back to 1647 and it was rebuilt in 1777. It was used by the English troops during the Peninsular War (1808 – 1814) as ammunition depot. Inside it, there’s a beautiful organ, as well as a pulpit.

We found a really nice geocache in Arganil. Everybody can see it, but only the geocachers who pay too much attention will notice it.

At midday we left Arganil and we went to Vila Nova de Poiares. We had lunch there, in the restaurant “Cantinho do Bitoque”. I ordered “bitoque”, one of the restaurant specialities and JB and our friends ordered “chanfana”. These are both Portuguese dishes. “Bitoque” consists in a fried beef steak served with a fried egg on top, usually accompanied with rice, chips and salad. “Chanfana” is a kind of goat stew prepared with red wine.

After a delicious meal, we drove back home and it was the end of our weekend.


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