Francelos – Miramar – Aguda – Granja

IMG_9315It was 3rd January 2015, Saturday, the weather was fantastic…what better way to celebrate the new year than to go for a walk along the beach?
JB and I prepared some sandwiches and snacks, filled our water bottles, packed everything in our backpacks and we headed towards the train station.

We left the train at Francelos station and we walked to Francelos beach. Then, we walked along the beach until we arrive at the “Capela do Senhor da Pedra” (Chapel of the Lord of Stone).
The Chapel of Senhor da Pedra, built in 1686, is a hexagonal chapel constructed over a rock partially surrounded by the sea.

IMG_9715From the Chapel, we followed the pedestrian path parallel to the “Ribeira do Espírito Santo” (Creek of the Holy Spirit), which took us away from the beach. A few minutes from the beach, we passed in front of the “Centro de Educação Ambiental das Ribeiras de Gaia” (Environmental Education Centre of Gaia’s Creeks), which is a public institution dedicated to the environmental education.
After we had walked for about 20 min on the pedestrian path we decided to go back and to take Sacadura Cabral Avenue in direction of Granja.

We walked around the “Clube de Golfe de Miramar” (Miramar Golf Club) and then we were back to the gangway along the beach.

Near Aguda’s Beach, we discovered the “Parque de Dunas da Aguda” (Dune Park of Aguda), where we made a short pause to eat a snack. This Dune Park is a small nature reserve dedicated to the preservation of dunes.

We continued walking along the beach until we arrive in Granja. Granja was the place where we finished our promenade. We had to wait some time for the train and then we went back home.


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