Weekend in London – Saturday

DAY 1: Journey to London (27th February 2015)
Flight Porto to London Stansted Airport (Ryanair): 28.04€
London Stansted Airpor to Tottenham Hale (train): 15.39€
Accommodation: London Malvern Road Rooms to Let – 100£/2 nights/2 pax (± 35€/night/pax)
DAY 2: Visiting London (28th February 2015)
Transports: Oyster Card (Zones 1-3, 2 days) – 15£ (20.50€)
Restaurant (lunch): British Library restaurant – 10.15£ (13.85€)
Restaurant (dinner): GlassBlower – 16.70£ (22.75€)
Places visited: British Library, British Museum, Museum of London
DAY 3: Leaving London (1st March 2015)
Victoria – Gatwick Airport (Gatwick Express): 19.90£ (27.15€)
Flight Gatwick Airport to Porto (TAP): 76.61€
Places visited: Imperial War Museum London, Natural History Museum

King’s Cross St. Pancras station

King’s Cross St. Pancras station

We had planned to meet my brother at King’s Cross St. Pancras metro station.
We left the place where we were staying – Rooms to Let House, in Malvern Road, stopped at the supermarket to buy some snacks and then we caught the metro at Tottenham Hale station.

JB and I bought a Visitor Oyster Card for each one of us to travel by metro. This card allowed us to travel any time we wanted between zones 1, 2 and 3 during 2 days.

My brother and we arrived at the metro station at same time. I saw him leaving the metro when we, too, were walking to the metro exit.

IMG_9941The first place we visited on that day, 28th February 2015, was the national library of the United Kingdom – the British Library. The British Library is the largest library in the world by number of items catalogued. We visited some exhibitions and saw priceless items, such as the manuscripts of famous composers and Leonardo da Vinci’s notebook. We also visited the Centre of analogue audio and manuscript restoration. We could have spent the whole day in there and we wouldn’t see the whole exhibitions.

We spent there so much time that we decided to have lunch at the Library restaurant. The food looked good and it was tasty.



We left the Library, tried to find a geocache, without success, and then we walked to the British Museum. We passed by the Russel Square, a large garden square, where I had my first meeting with a squirrel.
British Museum is a free museum dedicated to human history, art and culture. We didn’t spend much time in there. We just visited the Departments of the Middle East and of Ancient Egypt and Sudan and then we had to leave.

My brother, who was still looking for a place to stay, had planned to visit a house with a friend of him, who also needed a room.

JB and I strolled around the city for about two hours until we arrived at Museum of London. We went to Chinatown, which is well recognizable by the Chinese style architecture observed in several buildings and by the Chinese decorations. That area is full of commercial establishments – restaurants, souvenir shops, bakeries…

IMG_0016We stopped for some minutes at Lincoln’s Inn Fields, the largest public square in London, to have a snack.

We passed by Portugal Street on our way to the Museum of London. Of course we had to take some pictures in there.

With so many stops, we arrived at the Museum of London just about one hour before its closing time. We had time to visit the permanent galleries “London Before London”, “Roman London”, “Medieval London” and “War, Plague & Fire”, then we were invited to leave the museum.

The Museum of London is a great place to get to know about the history of London, since its origin. I hope I can visit the whole museum another time. I felt very curious about the galleries that we did not visit.

St. Paul's Cathedral

St. Paul’s Cathedral

At the time we left the Museum of London, it was already getting night.
We walked along River Thames. We were trying to cross the Thames by the Tower bridge, but it was getting late. So, instead, we crossed the river by the London Bridge. From London Bridge we have an overall view of London Tower.

We caught the metro at Borough Market to go to Piccadilly Circus, where we met my brother. We had to wait there some time for him to arrive. Meanwhile it started to rain.
When he arrived we looked for a place to have dinner. We went to the historic pub GlassBlower and, for the first time, I ate the famous English food – fish and chips! This hot dish consists of battered fish and chips.

My brother’s friend, R., arrived right before we finished our meal. He opted to go to a McDonald’s to buy something for dinner. We went together to a supermarket and then JB and I left them.
Before we catch the metro to go to the place where we were staying, we walked around and we even got the chance to see the Big Ben at night.


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