Weekend in London – Friday

DAY 1: Journey to London (27th February 2015)
Flight Porto to London Stansted Airport (Ryanair): 28.04€
London Stansted Airpor to Tottenham Hale (train): 15.39€
Accommodation: London Malvern Road Rooms to Let – 100£/2 nights/2 pax (± 35€/night/pax)
DAY 2: Visiting London (28th February 2015)
Transports: Oyster Card (Zones 1-3, 2 days) – 15£ (20.50€)
Restaurant (lunch): British Library restaurant – 10.15£ (13.85€)
Restaurant (dinner): GlassBlower – 16.70£ (22.75€)
Places visited: British Library, British Museum, Museum of London
DAY 3: Leaving London (1st March 2015)
Victoria – Gatwick Airport (Gatwick Express): 19.90£ (27.15€)
Flight Gatwick Airport to Porto (TAP): 76.61€
Places visited: Imperial War Museum London, Natural History Museum

My brother was going to spend a few months in London, working on his master thesis. I had a Japanese friend who I had not seen for more than 5 years and who was planning to leave London in a few months.
So, in one trip, I could say hello to my brother, meet my friend and, of course, visit London.

Rooms to Let House

Rooms to Let House

The last weekend of February was the chosen date. However, my brother’s trip to London suffered a delay of one month, so he travel to London just one day before us.

On Friday, 27th February 2015, JB and I met at Porto-Campanhã station (Portugal). Together, we caught the metro to the airport, where we were going to catch the flight to London.

As we arrived early at the airport, we had to wait some time for the boarding gate to be announced. We waited on a quiet area, which was on the opposite side of the boarding gate.

We were traveling to a non-Shengen country, therefore, we had to pass through the passport control.

We landed at Stansted airport at 20:30, the scheduled time. Then we caught the Stansted Express to Tottenham Hale station. The trip took about 33 minutes. I had bought the tickets in the internet, so we didn’t have to spend time buying them at the ticket offices and, as I had bought them some time before, we had got a good discount.



We left Tottenham Hale station and walked to Malvern Road. We had booked a room for two nights at Rooms to Let House, located on that street.

We arrived there a few minutes after 22:00. We rang the bell, knocked, rang again and again, knocked harder and when I was about to call Maggie, she opened the door for us. She was in the living room with some friends and she was not listening to us.
Maggie was very nice! She showed us the whole house, took us to our room, the number 4, on the 1st floor, gave us all the information we needed and taught us the trick to connect our two-pin plugs in the electrical sockets without using a plug adapter.
The house was so cosy! Well decorated, cleaned, perfumed and well equipped. There even was a washing machine! The room was small, but comfortable. It was equipped with air conditioner, television, fridge and an electric water boiler. We were not expecting to have a fridge in the room, it was a good surprise!
As soon as we had everything organized, we fell in a deep sleep.


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