PR1 – Penacova, o Mondego e a Lampreia

Penedo do Castro

Penedo do Castro

It had been a long time since the last time we had gone for a hike with my parents.
My brother had just arrived from Czech Republic and, in less than one month, he would be again outside the country. We had to take that chance to do a family hike.

As planned, on 7th February 2015, the five of us met at my parents’ house. The destination was Penacova, near Coimbra. However, before the hike, we needed a good meal!

11_pr1_penacovaWe went to Dom Ferraz restaurant, located in the municipality of Anadia. My parents have been wishing to go to that restaurant for ages. We ordered the restaurant’s specialty – “Terra e Mar” (Land and Sea), witch is composed of beef, squids and shrimps covered by a special sauce, accompanied with white rice and chips. It’s delicious!

It was about 16:00 when we arrived in Penacova.
We parked the car next to the road that goes to the viewpoint of “Penedo do Castro”. This road is also a section of the “PR1 – Penacova, o Mondego e a Lampreia”, which is the trail that we followed. Therefore, instead of beginning the hike in the town center, we started our walk on that point.



Some meters ahead, we left the main road and turned right into some stairs that led us to a narrow street. Not too much time later, we were enjoying the view over Penacova from the “Penedo do Castro”.
We spent some time in there, not only because of the great view, but mainly because we were trying to find a geocache but the GPS was not collaborating. It was just when my brother connected is phone’s GPS that we found it.

Although we were not responsible for it, it was because of us that there was an unfortunate accident during our hike. The trail led us near an isolated house next to which there was a parked car. On the backyard of that house, which was more elevated than the street, there was a dog that became agitated when we passed there. The dog made some pebbles fall from the backyard and one of them fell on the corner of the car’s back windshield. Almost instantaneously, the windshield became completely cracked. At least the car’s owner was nearby, so he could observe what happened to his car.

Gazebo of Emygdio da Silva

Gazebo of Emygdio da Silva

After walking by rural roads and in the forest and after climbing a few stairs, we arrived at the center of Penacova. We went to the “Mirante Emygdio da Silva” (Gazebo of Emygdio da Silva), from where we enjoyed a splendid view over Mondego river. We were lucky, as we were approaching the gazebo the clouds disappeared and the sun came out.

Our next stop was at the “Pérgula Raúl Lino” (Raúl Lino Arbor), near Penacova Town Hall. And we were on the beginning point of the trail!

We walked to the car and left Penacova. We took about 2 hours to complete the short version of this trail.

This hiking trail has two extensions, the one of the “Fornos da Cal” (Lime Ovens) and the one of the “Livraria do Mondego” (Mondego Library). As we didn’t have too much time, we didn’t explore these extensions.

Characteristics of the route
Arrival and departure: Historical center of Penacova
Scope of the route: panoramic, environmental and cultural
Type: circular
Extension: 5.5 km
Duration: 2 hours
Level of difficulty: easy


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