Trip to Czech Republic – Hiking around Liberec

DAY 1: Journey to Liberec (24th October 2014)
Flight Lisbon to Prague (TAP): 108€
Prague airport to Cerný Most (bus + metro): 32 CZK (± 1.16€)
Prague to Liberec (Student Agency Bus): 3.5€
Bus station to students’ hostel (bus): 20 CZK (± 0.73€)
Accommodation: Students’ Hostel of the Technical University of Liberec – 2440 CZK/4 nights/2 pax (± 11.20€/night/pax)
DAY 2: Zittau, Görlitz (Germany), Zgorzelec (Poland) (25th October 2014)
Transports: Libnet + (trains and buses in Liberec region) – 320 CZK/4 pax (± 2.95€/pax)
Restaurant: Dornspachhaus restaurant, Zittau (11€/pax)
DAY 3: Hike from Liberec to Jablonec nad Nisou (26th October 2014)
Places visited: Janov nad Nisou, Jablonec nad Nisou
Transports: train (Jablonec nad Nisou to Liberec) – 70 CZK/4 pax (± 0.64€/pax)
DAY 4: Hike from Karlovice-Sedmihorky to Turnov (27th October 2014)
Transports: Libnet + (trains and buses in Liberec region) – 320 CZK/4 pax (± 2.95€/pax)
Restaurant: Bílý Mlýn restaurant, Liberec – 797 CZK/2 pax (15€/pax)
DAY 5: Prague (28th October 2014)
Liberec to Prague (train): 437 CZK/3 pax (± 5.50€/pax)
Malostranská to Prague airport (metro + bus): 32 CZK (± 1.16€)
Flight Prague to Lisbon (TAP): 109€

Sunday, 26th October 2014, 3rd day of our trip to Czech Repulic. It was my birthday, I love hiking, we were in a country with almost 40 000 km of well-marked and well-connected walking trails, the weather was nice. We had to go for a hike!

Hiking in Czech Republic
In Czech Republic, a trail was marked for the first time in 1889, by the Czech Tourist Club. Since then, hundreds of club members have created, marked and maintained an extensive network of hiking trails of about 40 000 km.

IMG_6475_green_trailThe Czech system is very simple, 4 colors for all trails. Each color meaning a different type of trail:

red: long distance and ridge trails

blue: significant trails

green: local trails

yellow: short or connecting trails

There are printed maps of the Czech hiking trails that can be bought in most bookstores, tobacco shops or museums. Another way to get a map of the hiking trails is on this website.
Go to “Zmenit mapu“, on the left upper corner, and select “Turistická”. You can now see all the marked trails (red, blue, green and yellow lines).
If you want to plan your hike, go to “Plánování” (planning and measuring), on the right upper corner, select “Trasa” and click on the walking icon “Pešky” (by foot). Now you just have to click on the map to choose the starting and ending point, or write those places on the right panel. The shortest way to go from one point to another by foot, as well as the distance, will be displayed.

Our hike (Liberec to Jablonec nad Nisou)



We had planned to go from Liberec to Jablonec nad Nisou, through Janov nad Nisou.
Carrying lunch, snacks and water in our backpacks, we left the student residences and walked to Svobody street, where we caught the blue trail.
We followed the blue trail till the intersection with the green one. The green trail led us into the forest, which was very beautiful due to the autumn foliage. We walked uphill for almost 6 Km and, just before we leave the green trail, we found the “Krížová cesta s prírodním oltárem” (Way of the Cross with natural altar) and we learned a Czech word – “Pozor”, which means caution, attention.

Janov nad Nisou

Janov nad Nisou

We arrived at the “Rozcestí Hašlerova chata” (Crossroads of Hašlerova cottage), where we turned to the yellow trail. A few meters ahead, we took a detour to go to “Skála Trnište” (Rock Trnište), a scenic cliff. Given that the surrounding trees have outgrown the rock, “Trnište” is not so scenic anymore.

It was almost midday, we were starting to feel hungry and we were in a good place to sit to have lunch. So we stopped on that cliff to refuel our energy. It was very cold! We could not stand still for too long, or we would freeze. Imagining that it was 30 °C when we left Portugal and now the temperature was a little above 0 °C…

After a quick lunch, we restarted our walk. Now we were going downhill towards Janov nad Nisou. Janov nad Nisou is located in a valley, on the river banks of river “Bílá Nisa“ (White Nisa). It is a very beautiful and colorful village.

IMG_6544__janov_nad_nisouNone of us had remembered to look for the geocaches hidden along the trail. I just remembered it when we where approaching Janov nad Nisou. We left the yellow trail to go around the village and to look for two geocaches. We succeed to find only one of them.

We found a small climbing wall that, despite its size, it’s not easy to climb. My brother, who loves this type of activities, did not resist to go in there and to give it a try. He is very agile, but that was not enough for him to climb the horizontal section of that wall.

Statue of the Virgin Mary

Statue of the Virgin Mary

We returned to the crossroads where we left the trail to continue following the yellow marks. We left Janov nad Nisou behind and climbed uphill until we reached a green field. We saw a statue of the Virgin Mary carved from a trunk that made us wondering why was it on that place. There was an informative plate next to the statue, but, as it was written in Czech, we didn’t understand it.

Some meters ahead, we found ourselves back to a forest zone, where we saw several mushrooms that seemed to be the beautiful and poisonous Amanita muscaria.

When we arrived at the crossroads, we followed the blue trail towards Jablonec nad Nisou.

Amanita muscaria

Amanita muscaria

We walked about 3 km more until we arrived at the largest urban water reservoir of Central Europe – Mšeno. It is primarily used for recreation. There are sandy and grassy beaches. In the vicinity there are beach volleyball courts, playground, concrete playgrounds for football, tennis or basketball, children’s areas.

We caught the train in Jablonec nad Nisou to go back to Liberec.
In Liberec, we stopped at Forum Liberec, the shopping center in the city center. We went first to the sport stores. In the last one we entered, there was a lot of shoes with great discounts. JB bought there an expensive pair of hiking boots for a great price. At last, we went to Tesco supermarket to buy some food.

Back to my brother’s place, we prepared dinner and then we made plans for the next day. We were going to Bohemian paradise!


Janov nad Nisou

Jablonec nad Nisou

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