Trip to Czech Republic – 3 countries in one day

DAY 1: Journey to Liberec (24th October 2014)
Flight Lisbon to Prague (TAP): 108€
Prague airport to Cerný Most (bus + metro): 32 CZK (± 1.16€)
Prague to Liberec (Student Agency Bus): 3.5€
Bus station to students’ hostel (bus): 20 CZK (± 0.73€)
Accommodation: Students’ Hostel of the Technical University of Liberec – 2440 CZK/4 nights/2 pax (± 11.20€/night/pax)
DAY 2: Zittau, Görlitz (Germany), Zgorzelec (Poland) (25th October 2014)
Transports: Libnet + (trains and buses in Liberec region) – 320 CZK/4 pax (± 2.95€/pax)
Restaurant: Dornspachhaus restaurant, Zittau (11€/pax)
DAY 3: Hike from Liberec to Jablonec nad Nisou (26th October 2014)
Places visited: Janov nad Nisou, Jablonec nad Nisou
Transports: train (Jablonec nad Nisou to Liberec) – 70 CZK/4 pax (± 0.64€/pax)
DAY 4: Hike from Karlovice-Sedmihorky to Turnov (27th October 2014)
Transports: Libnet + (trains and buses in Liberec region) – 320 CZK/4 pax (± 2.95€/pax)
Restaurant: Bílý Mlýn restaurant, Liberec – 797 CZK/2 pax (15€/pax)
DAY 5: Prague (28th October 2014)
Liberec to Prague (train): 437 CZK/3 pax (± 5.50€/pax)
Malostranská to Prague airport (metro + bus): 32 CZK (± 1.16€)
Flight Prague to Lisbon (TAP): 109€

The plan for 25th October 2014, our first whole day in Czech Republic was… to leave Czech Republic!

There’s a ticket named Libnet + (I think now it is called EURO-NISA-TICKET) that allows 2 to 5 persons to travel together in the Liberec region as well as in the German and Poland districts that border Liberec region. This ticket costs 320 CK (~11.60€), is valid for one day and can be used in 2nd class trains, buses and, if I’m not mistaken, in some cable cars, too.

Centrum Babylon

Centrum Babylon

As we delayed ourselves to leave the student residence and there were no buses at that time (it was Saturday), we arrived at the train station just after the train to Görlitz (Germany) had departed. We bought the Libnet + ticket and, while we were waiting for the next train, that would be at 12:02, we walked to IQlandia and to Centrum Babylon and we looked for the first and only geocache in Liberec.

We visited Centrum Babylon, which is an entertainment complex, hotel and restaurant, all in one. It seems a nice place to go with children, especially during bad weather. There’s an aqua park, children’s playgrounds, bowling, restaurants, pubs…

Goulash at Lunch at Dornspachhaus

Goulash at Lunch at Dornspachhaus

When the time came, we went back to the train station to catch the train.
It’s curious how we can feel the difference between the Czech and the German railway. In Czech territory we were feeling the train shaking a bit, but as soon as we crossed the border and arrived in Germany, that shaking almost stopped.

Due to the late hour, instead of going directly to Görlitz, as we had planned, we decided to stop in Zittau (Germany) to have lunch. We found Dornspachhaus restaurant, where we enjoyed a delicious meal. I tried goulash and edible flowers for the first time, and we accompanied our meal with sparkling water instead of flat water.

After a short visit to Zittau, we went back to the train station to catch the train to Görlitz.

It was almost 15 o’clock when we arrived in Görlitz, the easternmost city in Germany. This is one of the few cities that was not destroyed during World War II. Therefore, most of the medieval buildings can still be seen nowadays.

IMG_8541Wherever we walked, there was some building that somehow caught our attention. However, there’s one that stood out from all the other ones. I’m talking about “Peterskirche” (St. Peter’s Church). This late Gothic church was built in the 15th century. In 1691, there was a great fire that destroyed its inventory. The church was then refurbished in the Baroque style. The two huge towers were only built in the 19th century.

We went inside St. Peter’s Church by a small lateral door. We felt very small in that huge church. The “Sonnenorgel” (sun organ), from the beginning of the 18th century, is one of the highlights inside the church.

Unfortunately, my camera’s battery died when we were approaching St. Peter and Paul Church. I had an extra battery, but somehow it was dead, too (although it had been charging not too long ago). Moreover, my brother had forgotten his camera… So, I have no pictures from now on.

St. Peter’s Church

St. Peter’s Church

We then slipped over to the Polish side. We just crossed the bridge and we were in Zgorzelec, which was a part of Görlitz until 1945. Amazing how easily we walked between two countries!

We walked South, following the river, until we arrived at Park Andrzeja Blachanca , where the “Kulturhaus” (House of Culture) is located. The main goal was to look for a geocache in there.

We went back, but that time we returned to Görlitz by another bridge. We walked towards the train station, where we caught the train back to Liberec.

In Liberec, we went to Tesco supermarket, in Forum Liberec shopping center, to buy some food for dinner and for next day.

We joined in my brother’s place to have dinner. He had some leftovers and we cooked something else.

Liberec (Czech Republic)

Zittau (Germany)

Görlitz (Germany)

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