Trip to Czech Republic – arrival

DAY 1: Journey to Liberec (24th October 2014)
Flight Lisbon to Prague (TAP): 108€
Prague airport to Cerný Most (bus + metro): 32 CZK (± 1.16€)
Prague to Liberec (Student Agency Bus): 3.5€
Bus station to students’ hostel (bus): 20 CZK (± 0.73€)
Accommodation: Students’ Hostel of the Technical University of Liberec – 2440 CZK/4 nights/2 pax (± 11.20€/night/pax)
DAY 2: Zittau, Görlitz (Germany), Zgorzelec (Poland) (25th October 2014)
Transports: Libnet + (trains and buses in Liberec region) – 320 CZK/4 pax (± 2.95€/pax)
Restaurant: Dornspachhaus restaurant, Zittau (11€/pax)
DAY 3: Hike from Liberec to Jablonec nad Nisou (26th October 2014)
Places visited: Janov nad Nisou, Jablonec nad Nisou
Transports: train (Jablonec nad Nisou to Liberec) – 70 CZK/4 pax (± 0.64€/pax)
DAY 4: Hike from Karlovice-Sedmihorky to Turnov (27th October 2014)
Transports: Libnet + (trains and buses in Liberec region) – 320 CZK/4 pax (± 2.95€/pax)
Restaurant: Bílý Mlýn restaurant, Liberec – 797 CZK/2 pax (15€/pax)
DAY 5: Prague (28th October 2014)
Liberec to Prague (train): 437 CZK/3 pax (± 5.50€/pax)
Malostranská to Prague airport (metro + bus): 32 CZK (± 1.16€)
Flight Prague to Lisbon (TAP): 109€

My brother went to Czech Republic for a whole semester to pursue his studies at Technical University of Liberec, under the ERASMUS exchange program.
We took that chance to get to know a little bit of Czech Republic and to pay him a visit.

On 24th October 2014, my mother, JB and I caught the intercity train to Lisboa-Oriente, changed to the metro and arrived at Lisbon Portela Airport (Portugal). We ate our sandwiches at the airport and then we went through the airport security. At that time the gate number wasn’t yet on the placard, so we waited in the main waiting room.
When the gate number was displayed, we moved ourselves to the boarding gate waiting area. There was a delay, so we had to wait more time than expected. However, this delay didn’t affect the arriving time in Prague.

Since it was my mother’s first time in an airplane, she was a bit tense. But, once we were up in the air, she got more relaxed. We had a good flight and a good meal was served.
The meal was composed of roast goose with potatoes, chestnuts and grapes, a small salad composed of arugula, grapes and cheese, and a cold desert. There were some cookies, too, and some butter and cheese. To drink, there was water, juices or wine and tea or coffee.

We landed in Václav Havel Prague Airport at about 19:50, bought the bus + metro tickets on the main hall of the airport, left the airport, crossed the crosswalk, turned right and awaited for the bus number 119, which arrived just a few minutes later. It took about 22 minutes to arrive at the metro station Dejvická (Line A), where we caught the metro to Cerný Most (Line B). We had to stop at Mustek Station to change from Line A to line B.

The best way to go from Prague to Liberec is by bus. There are several Student Agency buses running between the two cities during all day. The journey takes 1 hour, every passenger can have a free hot drink (coffee, tea or hot chocolate) and we can watch the movie that is displayed in the bus tv’s.
We had bought the bus tickets in advance, through the Agency Student Website. As we didn’t know if we would be at Cerný Most on time we bought the tickets for the last bus, at 23:00. However, we arrived there at about 20:45.

I approached the person who was controlling the entrances to ask her if there were free seats in the bus that would depart to Liberec at 21:00 and if it was possible for us to go on that bus instead of going in the next one. She asked us to wait. We waited, everybody was getting in the bus, then she looked at us, went to the front door of the bus, got in there and the bus left. And we were there still waiting for her answer… Well, we had to wait 2 more hours…

During that time we ate, we learned how to buy the metro tickets in the ticket machines, we walked around, we found a Shopping Centre nearby that was almost closing, and, most of all, we saw the metro arriving and leaving the metro station, which was the less cold place we found to wait.

Finally, our bus arrived! At that time it was very quiet, there were just a few persons in there. Oppositely to the other person we met before, the one who was controlling this bus entrance was nice and helpful. She made an effort to speak in English and to tell us everything we needed to know.

When we arrived in Liberec, at midnight, my brother was waiting for us at the bus station. He guided us to the other side of the street to catch the bus that would take us to the student residences, where he was living and we, too, would be staying.
We had to check in, which took some time, and only then we went to our room, which was on a 3 rooms apartment. There was a bathroom, toilet, 3 rooms, wardrobes, kitchenette with refrigerator and a hotplate, no microwave nor kitchen utensils. There were towels and soap on our beds.

Oh, finally a bed!

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