PR6 – Trilho Medieval (Vouzela)

Mother Church of Cambra

Mother Church of Cambra

We had planned to go hiking with a couple friend of us (JL and MS). JL had already went with us for two times, but for MS this type of activity was a novelty.

The four of us met on a Saturday, 19th October 2014, and we went by car to Cambra, the village where “PR6 – Trilho Medieval” (Middle ages trail) begins.

The informative panel that indicates the beginning point of the trail and that gives some information about the trail is located in the “Largo do Cruzeiro”, next to the “Solar de Cambra” (Manor House of Cambra). The Manor House dates back to the 18th century, it is an example of the Baroque style and it exhibits a spectacular coat of arms over the main entrance.

Stepping stone bridge

Stepping stone bridge

A few meters ahead, we passed by the “Igreja Paroquial de Cambra” (Mother Church of Cambra), from the 18th century. This church has a unique characteristic in this county, two bell towers.

We followed the “Caminho do Calvário” (Calvary Path) towards Cambra de Baixo. We passed by some small vineyards, farmlands and by a stone aqueduct. As usual at that time of the year, there were several mushrooms growing on the ground and on old trunks.

In Cambra de Baixo, our attention was drawn to the several granaries that are built in there and that are (or were) used to store maize.

Medieval Tower of Cambra

Medieval Tower of Cambra

Things got a bit complicated when we arrived at a narrow walled lane. There was a water stream in there! After a slow walk to try to avoid step our feet in the water, we reached Alfusqueiro river. There’s no bridge to cross it. Instead, there’s a stepping stone bridge (Portuguese: poldra).

We arrived at the ex libris of Cambra, the “Torre Medieval de Cambra” (Medieval Tower of Cambra). We walked around, saw the “Capela do Divino Espírito Santo” and the leisure park and then we sat on a bench next to the tower to have a snack.

Pit of the werewolf

Pit of the werewolf

We were ready to continue our walk and to look for the werewolf in the “Cova do lobisomen” (Pit of the werewolf). The “Cova do Lobisomen” is a small cave composed of a narrow passage that leads into a small chamber. We explored the cave, found a geocache hidden nearby and then we followed the path to the old cheese factory.

There were a lot of chestnuts fallen on the ground, as well as several mushrooms growing along that path. As we were walking, we were making short stops to grab some chestnuts from the ground. Suddenly, the path was completely covered by chestnuts and our progress on the path became very slow. We spent there more than 30 minutes collecting those fruits. We realized then that we were next to the old cheese factory, under a huge chestnut tree. We had to stop collecting chestnuts because it was getting late and we had a long path ahead of us. Moreover, we had already a backpack and a plastic bag full of chestnuts.

50_pr6_trilho_medievalThe village of Tourelhe is near the cheese factory. We were now walking along a cobblestone path but just for a short distance. A few meters ahead, we were back to the forest.
We crossed the bridge of Confulcos, a stone bridge from the 18th century, to the other margin of Alfusqueiro River.

After we had passed by the village of Confulcos, we followed a walled and narrow path that drove us to a small affluent of Alfusqueiro river. It’s a very beautiful nook! Special at sunset.
When we arrived at the village of Caveirós de Cima, the sun was already gone. We had to hurry up.

We took about 4 hours to finish this trail.

Being so close to Vouzela, we could not go home without go in there to buy some “caladinhos” and the “folar de Vouzela”, which are the traditional pastries of Vouzela.

Characteristics of the route
Arrival and departure: Cambra – Largo do Cruzeiro (N 40º 41` 06“ W 08º 09`17“)
Scope of the route: panoramic, geological, architectural
Type: circular
Extension: 8 km
Duration: 2.5 hours
Level of difficulty: easy / moderate



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