Trilho de Pitões das Júnias

Pitões das Júnias Monastery

Pitões das Júnias Monastery

“Trilho de Pitões das Júnias” (Pitões das Júnias Trail) is a short distance trail of about 4.5 Km extension that begins and ends next to Pitões das Júnias Cemetery.

My brother, his girlfriend, JB and I did this trail on 12th May 2014, during our 5 days trip to “Parque Nacional Peneda Gerês” (Peneda Gerês National Park)

We initiated the trail after lunch, at about 13 o’clock. We followed a path, whose slope progressively became more steep. We turned left when we arrived to a crossroad and, a few meters ahead, we were walking on a medieval road that took us to “Mosteiro de Santa Maria das Júnias” (Pitões das Júnias Monastery).

Pitões das Júnias Monastery is believed to have had its origins in the 9th century and it was extinguished in 1835. Nowadays, it clearly looks abandoned. There’s only left the Church, which still has roof, some walls from the main compartments and some cloister arcades.

Carefully, we explored the ruins of the Monastery, found a geocache in there, enjoyed the quietness of that place and then we continued our walk.

My brother and I left the trail to go see the view from a cliff that we passed by. We took the first glance of Pitões waterfall.

Following the trail signboards, we found ourselves in front of a wooden walkway that drove us to a viewpoint from where we could see Pitões waterfall. We rested a little bit on the bench while we were admiring the waterfall and eating a snack.

The next point of interest was the village of Pitões das Júnias. However, in my opinion, the beauty of Pitões das Júnias is better admired from far, to see the whole village and the surrounding area.

We tried to visit the watermill, the ecomuseum and the community oven in Pitões das Júnias, but everything was closed. It seems they are only opened during weekends.

Characteristics of the route

Arrival and departure: Pitões das Júnias Cemetery

Scope of the route: panoramic, scenery

Type: circular

Extension: 4.5 km

Duration: 2.5 hours

Level of difficulty: easy


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