Ponte de Lima to Santiago de Compostela – day 1

DAY 1 (15th August 2013)
Cities visited: Ponte de Lima (Portugal), Vigo (Galicia, Spain)
Accommodation: Hostal Casais (Vigo) – 38€/double room (breakfast included)
DAY 2 (16th August 2013)
Cities visited: Vigo (Galicia, Spain), Pontevedra (Galicia, Spain), Santiago de Compostela (Galicia, Spain)
Accommodation: Pensión Obradoiro (Santiago de Compostela) – 55€/ double room (breakfast included)
Dinner: Casa Manolo (Santiago de Compostela) – 10€/person
DAY 3 (17th August 2013)
Cities visited: Santiago de Compostela (Spain)
Lunch: Casa Manolo (Santiago de Compostela) – 10€/person


St. Anthony’s Church of the Old Tower

St. Anthony’s Church of the Old Tower

On the morning of 15th August, I, JB and our parents departed by car to Santiago de Compostela.

First stop was in Ponte de Lima, claimed to be the oldest Portuguese town. We parked the cars on the North side of Lima River, near “Parque do Arnado” (Arnado’s Park).
We walked from there to the village center. Thus, we passed by the “Igreja de Santo António da Torre Velha” (St. Anthony’s Church of the Old Tower), which was renovated in the 19th century, and then we crossed the river by the medieval bridge. Together with Lima River, this bridge, originally build by the Romans, gave Ponte de Lima (lit: Bridge of Lima) its name.

Since we became geocachers, Geocaching has been our best tourist guide. Several geocaches take us to places worth to be visited and, usually, the geocache description help us to know something more about those places.

Medieval Bridge

Medieval Bridge

In Ponte de Lima there’s a geocache that is a good example of what I wrote above. It is a so called letterbox hybrid named “A vaca das cordas” (The cow of the ropes). It tells about a tradition that took its origins in 1646 and that still takes place every year in Ponte de Lima.

This cache takes us to follow the same route followed by the cows during the celebration of this tradition. It was what we did as soon as we arrived to the city center.

By following the indications of this geocache, we went to the “Capela de S. João” (St. John´s Chapel), to the Mother Church, to the prison and to the “Capela das Pereiras” (Pereiras’ Chapel). Unfortunately, after we had found all the places where we had to go, including the one where the cache is hidden, we were not able to find the final container, so we did not log this letterbox.

Arnado’s Thematic Garden

Arnado’s Thematic Garden

After a pleasant walk on the town, we returned to the cars to pick up our lunch. Although there were several tables around, all of them were occupied. So we ate our lunch on a large bench that served both as table and as bench.

Before leaving Ponte de Lima, we enjoyed a walk along the river and we found a statue of Decius Junius Brutus on his horse waiting for the soldiers that were on the other side of the river.

On the way back to the cars we visited the beautiful “Jardim Temático do Arnado” (Arnado’s Thematic Garden).

We continued our trip, now in direction to Vigo.

As soon as we arrived to Vigo, we looked for the “Hostal Casais”, where we were welcomed by a very nice lady. We left the luggage in our rooms and we prepared ourselves for a short walk in Vigo, in order to get to know the city.



As it was holiday, the city was very calm.

Our first stop was at “Igrexa Santiago de Vigo” (Santiago de Vigo Church). Next we passed by “Salinae”, an important archaeological site. This archaeological site is the only known preserved solar evaporation marine saltworks from the Roman Empire.

We “lost” one of the elements of the group, who was feeling tired, at the “Plaza de Compostela” (Compostela Square).

At the time we passed on the famous “Rúa de las Ostras” (Oyster Street), officially called “Rúa Pescadería” there wasn’t any oyster being sold.

As it was getting late, we returned to “Plaza de Compostela”, where a member of the group was waiting for us. Then we returned to the Hostel.

As we still had food from our lunch, we did a picnic in a small park next to the Hostel.


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