Bike trip from Santa Comba Dão to Viseu – Day 4

DAY 1 (18th June 2013) – Santa Comba Dão to Tondela (“Ecopista do Dão”)
Accomodation: Severino José Hotel (Tondela) – 49.5€/double room (breakfast included)
Dinner: São Barnabé Restaurant (Tondela) – 7€/pax
DAY 2 (19th June 2013) – Tondela to Viseu (“Ecopista do Dão”)
Accomodation: Viseu Youth Hostel – 27€/double room (breakfast included)
Dinner: CR Restaurant (Viseu) – 11€/pax
Extras: Ice cream at Tré Santi – 3.5€/pax
DAY 3 (20th June 2013) – Viseu
Accomodation: Viseu Youth Hostel – 27€/double room (breakfast included)
Lunch: take-away (Pingo Doce supermarket): 3.8€/pax
Dinner: Cantinho da Sé Restaurant (Viseu) – 10€/pax
Extras: Strudel and waffle at Tré Santi: 8€
DAY 4 (21th June 2013) – Viseu to Santa Comba Dao (CPIS and Ecopista do Dão)
Accomodation: Quinta da Abelenda – 30€/caravan
DAY 5 (22th June 2013) – Santa Comba Dão to Mortágua (train)
Train: Santa Comba Dão to Mortágua (9 min) – 1.60€

We left Viseu on the 4th day (21th June 2013) of our bike trip from Santa Comba Dão to Viseu, which was now from Viseu to Santa Comba Dão.

CPIS (geocache)

CPIS (geocache)

We took the hardest way to go back to Santa Comba Dão, which helped us to burn the extra calories we had consumed on the night before. Instead of going by the ecopista, we followed the CPIS, which is the acronym for “Caminho Português Interior de Santiago” (Portuguese Inland St. James Way).

The CPIS has signalling marks for both directions. One going to Santiago de Compostela (Spain) has to follow the blue arrows. We, who were going in the opposite direction (towards Fátima) had to follow the yellow arrows.

CPIS (Farminhão)

CPIS (Farminhão)

The CPIS took us to the mountains, therefore we found ourselves carrying our bikes during the climbing.
We cycled a total of 15 Km on the CPIS and we stopped to look for 37 geocaches hidden along this trail.

When we reached the spot where the CPIS meets the cycling path our bellies were already complaining for being empty. But we continued following the CPIS hoping to find a nice place to stop to have lunch.
We didn’t have to go too far. We found a perfect place next to one of the geocaches we were looking for. We ate our sandwiches seated on a stone wall under an olive tree while we were enjoying a pleasant landscape.

05_sao_miguel_outeiroIt felt good when we reached the end of the CPIS. It was hard, but we enjoyed a lot doing this trail.
As reward, we had a long descent awaiting for us. So we climbed to our bikes and we just let them carrying us down the hill. Oh, it felt so good!
Now, we needed to find the “Ecopista do Dão” to continue our journey to Santa Comba Dão. This was not a problem.

We stopped at Tondela former train station to have a snack and then we continued our journey to Santa Comba Dão. It was a quick journey, mostly because there was a slight slope towards Santa Comba Dão.

We spent the last night of our trip in a caravan at “Quinta da Abelenda”, which is located next to the “Ecopista do Dão”.
There was a signboard on the cycling path indicating the location of “Quinta da Abelenda”. We followed it and we found ourselves on a dirty path that took us to a farm with horses and hens. We saw two camp houses and the caravan that we had reserved.

Mother Church of Santa Comba Dão

Mother Church of Santa Comba Dão

While we were parking our bikes, a car arrived and stopped near us. It was the farm’s owner. He showed us the caravan, the bathroom, which was located in one of the camp houses, and he taught us how to refill the caravan’s water tank.

We accommodated ourselves on ”our house for that night”, took a refreshing bath, I noticed that I had a sun burn on my shoulders and we went back to our bikes.

We went to visit Santa Comba Dão. We followed the cycling path till the train station and then we realized that there was only one way to cross Dão River, it was the highway.

Santa Comba Dão

Santa Comba Dão

This is the kind of road where bikes are not allowed, but as we were not seeing any other option and as there wasn’t any signboard prohibiting the circulation of bikes, although reluctant, we decided to cross the river by the highway.
We left the highway as soon as we crossed the river and parked our bikes next to an aerial pedestrian bridge.

We visited Santa Comba Dão, found a few geocaches, bought some food supplies at the supermarket and went back to our bikes. Then we had the first setback of the trip, we had a flat tire.
As we had seen people crossing the bridge by foot by a path outside the highway, we tried to find that path, but without success. So we crossed the river going by the highway, this time by foot, taking the bikes on our side.

Meanwhile, it was getting dark and there was no illumination along the cycling path till “Quinta da Abelenda”. JB locked his broken bike next to the train station and the both of us went on my bike. We arrived at the caravan just before it was completely night.

We were feeling so hungry! We get our precooked food warm, get the salad ready and we ATE!


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