Train trip to South Holland province – Den Haag

Den Haag (The Hague) was the third and last destination of a one day trip with my friend Wu in the South Holland province of Netherlands (Gouda, Delft and Den Haag).

Den Haag is the International City of Peace and Justice, it’s the seat of the Dutch government and parliament and it is the residence city of the members of the Dutch Royal family.

We didn’t need to walk much to realize that Den Haag is a city different from Delft and Gouda, as well as from the other Dutch cities I visited. The houses style is different, they look more modern and are more colorful. Besides, we didn’t see any canals in Den Haag (although I think there are a few ones).


On the way from the train station to the Binnenhof (Inner Court), we met a French old man who was traveling alone. We walked together for some minutes and we shared some personal information. Me and Wu were surprised by the adventurous spirit of that man, who, despite his age, was a solo and frequent traveler.

Due to hail fall, we had to look for a shelter just before we had reached Binnenhof. The streets became all white, as if it had been snowing.

The Binnenhof is a square in the city center that forms the very heart of Dutch government. At its center we find the Ridderzaal (Hall of Knights), witch is surrounded by Parliament Buildings.



The Ridderzaal is a building from the 13th century in which every third Tuesday of September the Dutch monarch holds his annual “Speech from the Throne” in the presence of the Dutch Upper and Lower Houses. The “Speech from the Throne” describes the government’s policy for the coming year.

There’s a small pond called Hofvijver adjoined to the Binnenhof. We didn’t resist to take some pictures overlooking this pond and the Parliament buildings.



Next, we caught the tram to the beach. It was almost dark when we arrived to Scheveningen, the most popular seaside resort in the Netherlands.

Although we barely could see the sea, Wu was amazed by it! It was the first time he saw the sea, so, this was the most anticipated moment of the trip.

We went into Scheveningen Pier and spend there some minutes just listen to the sea waver and trying to have a better look of it.

It was time to return to the train station to catch the train back to Ede-Wageningen, where we were surprised with snow! It was the first snow of that Winter!


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