“Castelo de Trancoso” (Trancoso Castle) is a Portuguese castle located in Trancoso, a city in the district of Guarda.
It is classified as a National Monument.

Keep tower

Keep tower

The first reference to a castle in Trancoso goes back to 960, when Châmoa Rodrigues donated the castle to the Monastery of Guimarães. At that time the castle was no more than a defensive tower.

In the 12th century the defensive tower gave origin to the Medieval Castle of Trancoso. The tower was transformed into the keep tower of the castle.

The castle has Romanesque and Gothic characteristics.
The keep tower has some pre-Romanesque elements, which confirms its antiquity. The tower is slightly shaped like a pyramid and it has a horseshoe-arched door, which is the emblematic arch of Islamic architecture.
Tourist information

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