01_farol_barra“Farol da Barra” (Barra Lighthouse), also called “Farol de Aveiro” (Aveiro Lighthouse) is a Portuguese lighthouse located in Barra beach, in Aveiro district.

Rising to 66 meters above the sea level, with a height of 62 meters, Barra Lighthouse is the highest Portuguese lighthouse, the 2nd highest in the Iberian Peninsula and it is included in one of the 26 highest lighthouses of the world.

02_farol_barraWhen it was inaugurated, in 1893, it was the 6th highest lighthouse of the world.

In 1929, due to a vertical fissure that showed up in the tower, the lighthouse had to undergo major repairs.

The lighthouse was electrified through generating sets in 1936. And in 1950 it was connected to the public distribution network of energy. At that time, a 3000W lamp was installed, which was replaced by a 1000W lamp in 1983.

A staircase composed by 271 stone steps gives access to the lantern room, as well as an elevator that was set up in 1958.

The lighthouse is automated since 1990.

The current range light, under normal conditions of atmospheric transparency, is 26 nautical miles, about 42 kilometers.

Tourist information

Opening days: Wednesday

Guided visits (Portuguese):
14h00 | 15h00 | 16h00

e-mail: dirfarois@sapo.pt
phone:+351 21 446 16 60

Entrance fee:


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