Viana do Castelo Costume Museum (Portugal)

02_costume_museum_vianaThe “Museu do Traje” (Costume Museum) is located in Viana do Castelo, Portugal. It was inaugurated in 1997 and it’ s accommodated in the former Bank of Potugal’s building, dated from 1958.

The museum´s mission is to disseminate and study the regional identity of people from Alto Minho. In this museum one can admire the ethnographic traditions, in particular Viana do Castelo’s traditional costumes.

01_costume_museum_vianaThe museum has a permanent exhibition entitled “Wool and Linen in the Alto Minho’s Costume” set up by the etnographer Benjamin Pereira. It exhibits all the stages involved in the process of making a costume, since the planting of the flax, passing by its transformation into thread, then into cloth and ending in the embroiding of the costume with designs reflecting the surrounding nature.

In 2004, the Costume Museum was certified by the Portuguese Institute of Museums and became part of the Portuguese Museum Network.

Tourist information

Opening hours:
Tuesday to Sunday:
10h00 – 13h00 | 14h00 – 18h00 (October to May)
10h00 – 13h00 | 15h00 – 19h00 (June to September)

Entrance fee: 2.00€


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