The “Aquamuseu do Rio Minho” (River Minho Aquamuseum) is located in Vila Nova de Cerveira, in Portugal.

Common carp (Cyprinus carpio)

Common carp (Cyprinus carpio)

It is a public space created in 2005 for the promotion and dissemination of natural and cultural heritage associated with the River Minho.

River Minho is simulated, from its source to its mouth, by a set of tanks that contains the most representative species from the different biotopes of river Minho, such as trouts, mullets and lampreys.

Several items related to fishing, such as fishing nets and fishing needles, as well as boats and memorabilia related to the relation of the population with the river through the times are exposed in the Aquamuseum.

There is an otters aquarium in an area outside the building, where we can see a couple of otters, a mammal also present in the River Minho.

Tourist information

Opening hours:
Tuesday to Saturday:
10h00 – 12h30 | 14h00 – 18h00
Mondays and some holidaysEntrance fee: 2.20€ (full ticket)

phone: +351 251 708 026

Website (Portuguese)





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